Hello everyone! My name is Maya, like the great Plisetskaya. Those who attentively follow my blog know that I am a ballerina and devote my whole life to this activity.

Many people know that behind the external beauty and ease of ballerinas hide hours of endless training, bloodstained toes, lack of private life, hobbies and free time.

But not only sore fingers accompany the life of a ballerina. The trouble with a strange Latin name hallux valgus, that is valgus deformation, came to me. And if in a simple way, the bone or lump on the big toe.

At first, I didn't pay attention to the lump. Yes, and there was no time to run to the doctors. Four months later, the premiere of the new ballet "Master and Margarita" was to take place. For the main party three soloists were ready to cut each other's throats. The role of Margarita was given to me quite deservedly, everyone around understood it. And I couldn't let some big bump get in the way of my triumph.

But the disease progressed quite quickly.

Before the premiere remained 90 days.

At first, this bump gave me just discomfort. Then it started to hurt. The thumb began to bend inside the foot and began to push the second. It was already bulging out of the pointe. And on the sole of the foot there was a painful callus.

Of course, usually people who don't dance, this process takes several years. But because of ballerina's terrible loads on the foot the formation of a valgus accelerated several times. I was no exception.

I was ready to endure any pain. But when I could not put on pointe shoes, the director said: “Maya, you are very talented, you deserve to become the prima of our theater. But if you can't get into pointe shoes because of the bone on your finger, you can't dance. In general, I'm going to give your party to Anastasia.”

I ran out of the director's office, smearing tears on my face. I urgently needed a way out.

I went to the doctor-orthopedist in our mega-innovative medical center. There the doctor looked-looked at my feet and said that there is nothing to do and he has to do surgery if I want to walk. And then already chronic bursitis of the thumb had started (inflammation) and arthrosis began to develop. Because of severe pain in my leg, I could not go to rehearsals. My whole ballerina career was under threat.

Before the premiere remained 75 days.

I went out from the doctor and cried. I remembered how my mother was treated in the same hospital. How many times she went to them for physical therapy. How much money she spent. Everything was useless. And then the surgery was done. It became, of course, easier. But the pain still remained. And she can't still walk a lot.

But I had nothing to do. I resigned myself to the idea that I would have to take a break from the ballerina's career for at least a year and began to look for money for the surgery. Without it, I wouldn't walk at all.

Before the premiere remained 55 days.

But one morning my choreographer comes to me and starts reading from his phone. Turns out he found an article online in which it was written that a special cream called "Valguron" was invented. It is rubbed into the joints, it straightens compressed and already curved soft parts of the joint of the thumb. And people write that for a month or two, they were able to straighten the finger, remove the damn lump and all this without surgery! Can you imagine?

The director immediately ordered me this gel on the Internet. A week later the order was delivered, and I was able to use this cream gel.

Before the premiere remained 55 days.

As soon as I smeared my foot, I felt that my feet started to hurt less. After a week the pain had almost disappeared. In two-more. A month later, I was able to put on my favorite shoes again – pointe shoes.

Of course, it was a little uncomfortable and painful. But I persuaded the director to return me to the main part and started training with triple force.

Before the premiere remained 15 days.

Encouraged and inspired, I spent more time in the hall for two weeks than that “hard worker” Anastasia for the last two months. I just couldn't afford to let the director and choreographer down. Put Valguron 5 times a day, although the manual says that only three times. But this is for ordinary people. And ballerinas are unusual people, because few people dance eight hours a day on their toes. So I decided that two extra times would not be superfluous.

And then came the premiere day. I was incredibly nervous! I had to give 110%, my partners also worked perfectly. The premiere was great! Hall applauded. I was over the moon! My parents were at the premiere. I saw tears of pride and joy for their daughter in their eyes. And this is the greatest reward of all. Even Anastasia came to me after the premiere and reservedly congratulated. That means I danced really well.

After the premiere..

Life is not over and I continued to smear the lump with the cream-gel “Valguron”. At first it was a little uncomfortable, but two weeks after the premiere, I was almost able to straighten my thumb and remove the lump! And for two months I completely got rid of the hallux valgus.

After recovery it's been six months. I can walk freely again, do ballet, dance and enjoy life.

Now I use the cream “Valguron” for regular prevention. No one cancelled the same workloads. And the cream is also good because it has a natural composition and it is suitable for relieving fatigue and relaxing feet after a heavy load. And after it the skin is soft and gentle.

Still, what a happiness it is to be Healthy! Thanks to the developers of the cream-gel "Valguron".

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